Payday loans and creditworthiness

Payday loans generally avoid calculating credit scores because of the very flexible law on borrowing money. Credit scoring is most often used by banks and relates to the scoring that the computer system calculates. Based on this data, the bank either grants credit to the customer or not.

If the non-bank company lends money, it is rare that the payday loan application is rejected. It is true that there will always be companies where it is more difficult to receive payday pay. But in this industry, due to the constant struggle for a new customer, the acceptance of applications is at a high level.

Payday loans with creditworthiness

Payday loans with creditworthiness

One of the most important elements of applying for the instant payday loan is to carefully read the documentation that we will sign. In the case of non-banking companies, it contains all information regarding fees related to interest, insurance and other costs. Other costs usually specify what maximum financial penalties may apply if the payday loan is not repaid on time.

It is worth mentioning that for many new customers, non-bank companies use promotional offers related to free loans. A free loan is nothing but an offer of payday loans which is exempt from interest. In the case of free payday loans, basic fees often associated with the operating costs of loan companies apply. However, it often also happens that companies give up these costs at the price of acquiring new customers to their database.

If you are interested in the current ranking of payday loans

If you are interested in the current ranking of payday loans

Check our current list where you can find all the best non-bank companies in Poland. The ranking is successively updated and contains the best financial proposals in this industry.

When choosing offers of payday loans, remember about the most important thing, i.e. repayment of the liability. Evaluate your financial capabilities to assess the ability to borrow cash. The payday payday payment can be made after 30 days and depends on the offer in which the contract was written.

If you think that you would like to spread the loan amount in installments, you can use the option of online loans in installments. Then you can apply for a higher amount, however, with this financial proposal usually free payday loans are not available.

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